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  • CERAGEM V4 Therapeutic Thermal Massager Bed

  • CERAGEM V6 Therapeutic Thermal Massager Bed


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Young K.pharaoh s II

It is pricy but soooo worth the wait and money. Please invest in yourself! I am so happy with my chair and the customer service!

Peggy P.pharaoh s II black edition

My family absolutely loves it and will stop by more often to ask can they get a massage. I am not disappointed in the quality of this massage chair, and you will not either. Treat yourself to a beautiful massage chair.

Kwansik C.phantom rovo

오랜시간 고민하다가 사서 사용하니 좋은점이 많네요. 오래서서 일하는 직업이라 다리와 어깨가 많이 불편했는데. 바디프랜드 마사지체어의 여러기능들을 사용하니 너무 만족합니다 여러기능들이 많은데 그중에서 저는 수면모드 마사지와 스트레칭을 주로사용합니다 100 프로 만족할순없지만 바디프랜드를 구입한걸 아주 잘한 결정인거 같습니다 감사합니다

Leonoraphantom rovo

It’s a smart purchased! The Aesthetics speaks luxury.The functionality is easy and safe to use. My family and I love it so much that it’s part of our daily routine. It’s a place to go to when you need to get high quality massage chairs.